Sunday, September 20, 2009

Europe 2009: Cluny

The village of Cluny is an ancient medieval pilgrimage site. It was the sight of a massive Abbey that was destroyed during this time, and townspeople used the rubble to build the present-day town.

We went out for a four course dinner while in Cluny. The food was lovely, but the greater accomplishment was ordering in French for the entire group.

This is a terrible picture of me, but the pistachio chocolate dessert looks fantastic!

I purchased wine for friends and carried it all the way back to Colorado. I was terrified that I would find vin rouge dripping from my luggage when I claimed it Washington, DC after clearing customs.

Europe 2009: Bourgogne

Bourgogne, otherwise known as Burgandy, is the countryside in East Central France. Many wonderful wines come from this region, and I have to say that I sampled many of them. The following pictures are taken in the village of Ameugny. Off in the distance you can see the vineyards.

Europe 2009: Eiffel Tower

I think everyone should visit the Eiffel Tower at sundown at least once in their life. It was one of the most magnificant things I have ever seen. At 9:00 and 10:00pm each night, hundreds of thousands of lights make the tower sparkle.
Looking up from the base of the tower just as it is lit.

The tower at sunset as we approach from the Parc du Champ de Mars.

Europe 2009: St Chapelle

St. Chapelle has the most photographed stained glass windows in the world. These photos really do not do it justice. There are over 1300 panes of glass, depicting scenes from the Bible. On the left is the Old Testament, in the center is the Resurrection and the right is the New Testament. This cathedral was built to house the Crown of Thorns, with the crown specifically located inside this altar. The crown is now with the relics at Notre Dame.

Europe 2009: Paris

Looking across the Place de la Concorde from the Musee de l'Orangerie at the Eiffel Tower Arc de Triomphe.
Drinking wine on the Seine in the middle of the day.

Europe 2009: Notre Dame

Europe 2009: Notre Dame

Notre Dame is just as magnificent as you could ever dream. It was tremendously crowded, but Mass was being celebrated at the same time we were visiting. The interior photos were taken from a side chapel, where Matt and I sat and contemplated the history we were immersed in.

Paris 2009: City sights

During a trip in 2007 my friend Kaija described traveling in Europe as "everywhere you turn there is something cool to see, something that is old or unique." I am drawn to old cathedrals, the stained glass and soaring ceilings and light filtering through the space. When you wander through the churches, you can feel the history, and feel as if you are in communion with the saints. The Palais de Luxembourg at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

This is the fountain at the St. Sulpice Cathedral in Paris. This is my dear friend from College, Matt, who was a part of the travel group.

The Charles de Gaulle airport is the 5th biggest in the world (Denver is #10), and there is no argument there from me. This airport is the most confusing and counterintuitive building I have ever visited. There are three, count them, three train stations in this airport. The morning I left Paris for Denver I took four different trains to get from my hotel to the airport. Here I am in the TGV station waiting to board the bullet train to Brussels, then on to Amsterdam after having flown all night from Denver.