Wednesday, August 31, 2005

more reflections

I am trying to process my first few hectic days here. We live only four or five blocks from the downtown area. This is an interesting area because it is a site for urban renewal, so there is a lot of new buildings and landscaping around us. However, we are also only several blocks from Colfax, the most economically depressed area of Denver. We live on a block where the land is worth over a million dollars. Yet, my work is within walking distance, and the women that we serve are very poor and even destitute.
I have decided that I love the city. There are so many things to do, and the tall buildings and interesting architecture offer a different kind of beauty. However, there are certain things to get used to as well: the noise of the buses and the light rail, sirens, car alarms, etc.
We are trying to live differently than we might in our other lives. I have volunteered to be responsible for the composting and the recycling. Others are taking on the yard maintenance, grocery shopping and other stuff.
Right now, this is where I feel like I am called to be. I resisted God's call to urban ministry for so long on account of fear and uncertainty, but now, I cannot imagine being anywhere else. The job that I have right now is close to the kind of career that I want for my life.

The city life

I have been in Denver since sunday. We are in the midst of training and orientation right now, and I will begin my job next tuesday. I am living in a house with seven other people. We will be going into the mountains this weekend for a retreat to set up our house plan. We need to plan the system by which our house can live together and function as a community. This includes everything from cleaning the bathrooms to cooking to cohabitation and drinking.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Amy in Denver

I am getting ready to head to Denver! My parents are kind of scared about me living in the city. They bought me a can of pepper spray the other night, but warned me never to use it. What? I shipped one box and two rubbermaid tubs the other day, for $67! I guess that it is better than driving another car down.
Patty and I will be leaving tomorrow morning and driving to Casper, WY then down to Denver the day after. I really have no idea what I am getting into, but I am excited!