Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Playing the fool

I am livid. Late last week, it came to our attention that some of the women were selling drugs in our sunroom. We are not quite sure who exactly was doing the selling, but we know who was doing the coverup. They had a code to determine when staff was coming and they all accomodated the drug deals. One of our younger clients, about 21 or so, had the courage to come forward and tell us what was going on.
The women involved in the coverup were our "good" clients. They never gave us any trouble, were always willing to help and they were always kind. I am so frustrated and upset. I have been made the fool, along with all of my coworkers. We have been betrayed.
Right now, I am having a really hard time being sympathetic with any of our clients. I have seen so much this year, and it can really be so frustrating. So many of these women are in these situations because they put themselves there. They are addicted to drugs, or sex or just living a wild life, and possess no self control, no work ethic and no motivation. In addition, quite a few women are products of their environments, but very few are victims. Some no doubt, but the majority are manipulators.
I decided to do this this year because I genuinely wanted to help other people and to make a difference. I am learning alot, and I am not sure that it is all good. Another day, another adventure. We really have no idea who will walk through the doors of our shelter on any given day.