Monday, September 14, 2015

Sabbath Coffee Tour: Spyhouse Coffee Roasters (Nicollet, Minneapolis)

For today's coffee adventure I set out for Spyhouse Coffee in the Whittier neighborhood of Minneapolis. This coffee shop had come recommended by several friends in Denver and it did not disappoint.

Spyhouse has three cafes (Broadway, Hennepin, and Nicollet) in Minneapolis. Beans are roasted at the Broadway cafe. I selected this location because it is relatively near my home. In terms of parking, Nicollet has one hour parking on the east side.  There is longer-term street parking west of Nicollet on side streets. The coffee shop itself is decorated in sleek mid-century modern design with plenty of tables and seats at the bar. There is free wifi and abundant outlets.  The espresso bar is expansive and you can easily watch your coffee being made. The downside to this coffee shop is its blaring music. It is too loud for conversation and WAY too loud for working. I tend to dislike loud music, although that may not bother some other people.

I had a mug of the Ignacio Gutierrez of El Salvadoran origin. It is said to have notes of "blackberry, allspice, and chardonnay."  I put a bit of cream and a small amount of raw sugar in it. This coffee had a rich depth to it and I could note a bit of spice.

The coffee was delicious and the space was welcoming, but the blaring music was too much for me.  I will give this coffee shop another visit to see if today was a fluke, but its just too loud for comfort.

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