Friday, September 11, 2015

Sabbath Coffee Tour (Minneapolis): Blue Ox Coffee (Chicago and 38th Street)

I recently moved to Minneapolis and decided to continue my Sabbath Coffee tour here.  The first stop in the Twin Cities is Blue Ox Coffee Company.  This is within a short walking distance of my home, so it seemed a natural place to start. Parking is available in limited quantities along Chicago, but traffic is always a nightmare and the corner appears to be a major interchange for several bus routes. So in other words, be patient with parking.

The coffee shop is large and well-lit.  There are plenty of tables and outlets along the walls. There is free wifi, and board games for entertainment. There is a full espresso bar, as well as about a half-dozen roasts of coffee that can be brewed in a Chemex or a pour-over.  This coffee shop gets their beans from Madcap Coffee, a roastery in Grand Rapids, MI.  There are pastries and other foods available (and gluten free pastries available on the weekend!).

I had the Ethiopian Reko roast, which was a savory and bright (almost citrus) flavor, with a little bit of milk and raw sugar. It was delicious.

Because this is my neighborhood coffee shop, I will definitely be making my way back to this coffee shop again!

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