Wednesday, September 21, 2005


This week I was suprised at myself. Before I came here, I was a bleeding-heart liberal, willing to do good and help people. I never expected to get tired of helping the same people day after day. I am struggling with some issues of my attitude towards some of our clients. It is frustrating for me to see the same women day after day, demanding the same services day after day, and not doing anything to work for self-sufficiency!
I really feel like we are unable to more fully help the women that do need more intensive help, and we are doing a disservice to the women who receive our services everyday, because we are not helping them to be self-sufficient. We do not have the staff to do intensive case management, so we are just doing a lot of "band-aid" fixes to some situations that could be bettered.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I have been working full time for about a week now. So far it has just been alot of training and meetings. I am rapidly learning more stuff about computer programs than I ever thought possible. I will be responsible for managing several large databases. Interestingly enough, I will also have to participate in the other side of working at a non-profit: the public appearances. Already in the next month I have two cocktail galas to attend. It seems so strange to be volunteering ( I am literally a part of the working poor that I serve) and yet also attending very formal events. Good thing that I packed a black cocktail dress as an afterthought!
I also work part time in direct service, where I do some intakes and provide direct care to clients. We do a little case management, and it can be very overwhelming. The hard lives and the stress level that some of our clients have can really make them disagreeable people. I just try to be empathetic and positive and try to meet their requests (and demands). I really like my job!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

First days off!

I am downtown in the Denver public library, because the internet was cancelled at our house on account of the last residents not paying the bill! The taste of Colorado is happening right now, so the entire downtown has turned into a massive festival of the arts and of food.
We are going to a Colorado Rockies/LA Dodgers game tonight at Coors field. Then, later this weekend we are going to deep clean our house and I am going to paint my bedroom. I will be starting my job this next tuesday. It will be great to get into a routine.