Saturday, December 23, 2006


A car abadoned in the street after the Great Blizzard of 2006.
Patty teaching the same dance to Linnea, Thane and Karen.
Patty and I dancing a traditional German dance "Ein Hut, Ein Sctuff, Ein Alter Mann!"

The blizzard of 2006...

Which sounds actually a lot more dramatic than it really is. The media here in Denver have kind of a habit of hyping the hell out of everything, particularly snowstorms. We got about two and a half feet on wednesday, and I have a four foot drift behind my car.
I was actually at the airport, in line to board my flight when all flights in-bound to Denver and out-bound from Denver were cancelled. So after a four hour bus ride (two different buses) and a two mile walk to my apartment in the blizzard, I made it home. And I am excited today because my street actually got plowed and I can get out of my garage. And I was able to order pizza and buy beer at the liquor store.
I managed to reschedule my flight for Christmas morning. But that means that I will be celebrating Christmas Eve away from my family for the first time ever. So I am going to reflect upon what the season actually means.
My good friend Kaija, who is spending the year volunteering in the Slovak republic mentioned that all she wants for Christmas is for her friends and family to "pay it forward". Well, all I want for Christmas is a puppy, but I will settle for making the world a better place since my landlord won't let me have a dog.
So, I am spending this weekend at the Ronald McDonald House. I work weekends here, and absolutely love it. Since I cannot be at home in Montana, the second best option is to be present for people in need. I have met so many wonderful people at the House. There is Elmira and her sons Hraj and Arsen. They are from Armenia and have been at the house for two years. There are Jamie and Conor who have a micro-preemie in the hospital and Jamie was just diagnosed with cancer. There is Chelsea, who is my age, with a very ill preemie who will probably not make it. Her daughter is so sick that she does not make any noise, or move. I have never seen a baby that you forget is there.
So I will answer the phones and empty the trash and call the medical supply companies for oxygen, but I will also celebrate Christmas in an entirely new way. I just feel so lucky that I am healthy, warm and do have a home and a family to visit this time of year, even though it is later than I would like.
And I feel so lucky to be with Tim, because I will be spending Christmas Eve with his brother and sister in law and three crazy nephews. And he is driving me to the airport at 4 am, because I am going to get there with plenty of time to spare.
Peace, Love, Joy and Light! (and snow, beer and friends!)