Friday, April 27, 2007


Kaija, Angie and I at the Starnburger See.

Me in front of Neuschwanstein castle.
Neuschwanstein in Fussen.

Kaija and I at the Alpensee in Fussen, Germany.

HaufBrau Haus complete with a live polka band.

Angie and I at the HaufBrau haus. Those are full liters of beer!

Kaija and Caleb, her friend from HS who is stationed in Germany with the Army.


"Work makes freedom" Interesting message for a concentration camp.

Main entrance to the camp.

Memorial sculpture.

Main building (now museum) at Dachau.

Fence at Dachau. There were five rows of electrified wire.

Crematorium at Dachau.

other sites in Salzburg

A collection of random pictures from other sites in Salzburg. Waiting at the train station. Something we did alot.
This is the FranziskinSchloss cloister at the very top of the city. The nuns have to hike to get here.

The Sound of Music cow. I have no idea why this even exists...

Mirabellplatz, a huge city garden. Scenes from the Sound of Music were filmed here.

The Dom of Salzburg, an ornate church in DomPlatz.

Yeah for giant pretzels!

The Festung (city castle) in Salzburg.

View of the city from the Festung.
Chapel inside the castle walls.

Inside the castle walls.

View from the top of the guard tower at the Festung. Yes, those are the Alps again in the background.

The marionette museum inside the Festung.


Kaija and I outside the penzion, which overlooked Salzburg, with the Alps in the background!
The penzion where we stayed, Haus Christine.

Kaija and I inside the catacombs.

Entrance to the Catacombs inside the mountain, outside St Peter's Monastary.

View of Altstadt (old city) from the Salzach River.

Mozart's Geburtshaus...Interesting to say I have been there, but the site itself is pretty disappointing. Kaija and I got a laugh out of the modern art exhibit inside.

House where Mozart was born.


City of Bratislava.
Danube River. Pretty cool to actually see the river that so many songs were written about, even though it is grossly polluted.

Me in front of the Bratislava castle.

Presidential palace in Bratislava.

View of the Bratisalava castle from Josh and Olga's house. Josh and Olga work for the Lutheran Church in Bratislava, and help to coordinate Kaija's volunteer program, and also let us stay at their flat.