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2013 Year in Review

January 8, 2013 Move to MN
I used to be pretty good about sending a Christmas card, that did not happen this year.  The holiday season got a little out of hand.

So here is my answer to what happened in 2013

1. Move to Minnesota:
On January 7, 2013 I left Denver for a two-day trip to the Twin Cities.  This was to begin my Lutheran year classes at Luther Seminary.  I moved into campus housing and took a January intensive class.

It's awfully chilly in MN

2. New Tattoo in January 2013
One of the ways that I mark significant points in my life is with tattoos.  So, to celebrate my move to Minnesota and the final part of my seminary education, I got a new tattoo.  As a side note, this was the most painful tattoo yet out of the four that I have. Do not get a tattoo in this location unless you want to experience excruciating pain.

3. New friendships in Minnesota

I had the privilege of meeting a number of wonderful people in Minnesota: Jodi, Nate, Peter, Kae, Margaret, Eileen, Jon, Dan, Emmy, the list goes on and on.  As well as rekindling friendships with friends from Denver and Augustana College who lived in MN, Asher, Josh, Ingrid and Christy. Humble Walk Lutheran Church brought me immeasurable joy!

Me with my friend Margaret in the state capital.
Credit City Pages

4. Marriage Equality in Minnesota

Lutheran clergywonen at the state capital.
Being present at the Minnesota state capital the day marriage equality happened…holy time. I talk more about the experience in this blog post, Love is the Law. I also talk about it in my Pentecost Sermon. Driving away from the capital building blasting "Love is the Law" by the Suburbs with the windows down after marriage equality was voted into law…probably hands down my favorite moment of the entire year.

5. Coming out…
Yeah, you heard that right. I am not straight, nor have I ever been.  This is the first time that I have announced this on this blog, although I've alluded to it. It's liberating.  It's also been really hard.

6. Turning 30
Birthday lunch at Pizzeria Lola with Nadia

In July I turned 30.  I got to have lunch at my favorite restaurant in Minneapolis, Pizzeria Lola, then listen to Nadia speak at a conference at Luther, then a dinner picnic at Minnehaha falls. It was a great day! 30 really feels no different than 29 or what I imagine 31 will feel like. Life keeps moving along.

7. Starting Internship
With Nancy at FLC. Credit Susanna for picture
 In August I started my vicar year at First Lutheran Church in St Peter, MN.  I preach, teach, do pastoral visits, and all sorts of other assorted and sundry things.  It is not without challenges, but it is also enjoyable.  It has been an adjustment to live in a small town, but I am getting there. I love the people in this congregation fiercely.  They know what it means to love God and love each other.  They have embraced me and welcomed me into their community. I am learning a lot about myself and my identity as a minister.  

So far my favorite experience…the Christmas Program.  So many wonderful things.

8.  Joining The Pulse: 

Credit The Pulse, Dec 2013

As soon as I moved to St Peter, I knew I would need to have an outlet for stress relief and friendships that was not related to work.  I joined The Pulse, a community gym. This community has been a lifeline for me this year.  For friendships, for exercise, for pushing myself to achieve my fitness goals.  It might seem like an extravagance or even a stupid thing that this made it onto my 2013 year review, but this has been one of my greatest joys this year. 

Looking forward to 2014!

Here are the things brewing for this year:
-Finishing coursework for my Mdiv
-Graduating in June with my Mdiv
-Heading off to do… fall.  No clue as to what this will be.
-Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis
-several different vacations planned (this week…San Francisco!)

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