Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love is the Law

Credit Minneapolis Star Tribune
Yesterday I spent most of the day at the Minnesota capital building.  What an incredible time to be a part of history.  We sang songs and chanted while we waited for the legislature to vote.  The picture at left is the crowded rotunda where the energy was electric.  There were monitors in the hallway where the debate was being livestreamed, but there were so many people that it was impossible to see.  I was getting my news from twitter and from friends who were listening to the radio outside the building.  God bless Minnesota Public Radio and The Current 89.3 who broadcast the entire debate.  I was in a group of eight clergywomen, all wearing our collars.  It was surreal.  It was also apparently a spectacle because a ton of people requested to take our picture.  I will search around the interwebs  and attempt to find some of the professional photographs taken of us.  In the midst of all the jubilation as we waited for the vote to be tabulated, I found myself unexpectedly

My friend Emmy and I in the Rotunda
saddened by the those who were opposing the bill.  The energy was positive, and everyone was on their best behavior.  There were no confrontations at all.  But it was sad to witness these people who were quietly holding pink signs saying, "Vote No" in the midst of a loud crowd waving orange signs and rainbows and loud singing and chanting. It was like watching the tide of history change before our very eyes, and they were afraid. They were being faithful to their own beliefs, just as those of us representing clergy and people of faith were being faithful to our convictions of faith.  I believe that God is always on the side of love.  I do think it is a testament to Minnesota that there was no ugliness yesterday at the capital.  Nothing but positive energy.  What a time to be living in.  And when I have children some day, I can tell them that I was present in the state capital on the day that history was made in Minnesota, when we became the 12th state to legalize marriage for all people.  What an incredible day! 

My vantage point for the entire afternoon
As soon as the vote was announced and the bill's sponsor's spoke to a roaring crowd in the rotunda, the radio station The Current played "Love is the Law" which has been the theme song for this entire adventure.  The YouTube video link below is from the Minnesota band that sings this song.  

Today at 5:00pm on the capital steps, the governor of Minnesota will sign Marriage Equality into law, followed by a huge party with local bands.  If you are in Minnesota, this is not to be missed.  

Thanks for being on the right side of history, Minnesota!  

Wabasha St Bridge has been honorarily named
"Freedom to Marry" bridge this week

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