Saturday, November 24, 2012


Scenic drive?  Probably not.
In seven weeks I will be making a big move.  I will be moving from Colorado, which has been my home for nearly 7 1/2 years, to St. Paul, MN.  I need to complete some classes at Luther Seminary in order to be ordained in the ELCA.

This is quite the pilgrimage.  I know just a handful of people in Minnesota, and moving there in January is probably the worst idea I have ever had. But there is a preaching class only offered in the spring, with an exceptional professor, Dr. David Lose, so I need to go now before my internship next fall.  However, I have very mixed feelings about my move.  Colorado is my home and the Midwest is not.

It is looking like I will be heading out from Denver on January 7th or 8th.  I am drastically downsizing my belongings right now, as in, if it doesn't fit in my Jeep, it is not coming to MN.  I will probably take it very slow on my drive, taking three days instead of two.  I am taking a whirlwind trip to Montana for Christmas, and will come back on 12/27 in order to finish packing and getting everything in order here.  I am not happy about this move, but I know that I need to do it in order to continue to pursue my calling.

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