Friday, October 12, 2012

Kyrie Eleison...again

Tragedy has once again come to the Denver Metro area.  This is an unspeakable, horrific act of evil.  This is the sort of thing that you hear about in movies and on CSI and Law and Order and wish that it stayed there, not in the real world.     Unfortunately, evil has once again touched my community.

Last friday a 10 year old girl, Jessica Ridgeway, was abducted on her way to school in a northern suburb of Denver, the town of Westminster.  On Wednesday a body was discovered in the open space about 7 miles from her home.  Investigators described it euphemistically as "not intact" and DNA tests were required to positively identify the remains of this beautiful little girl, which was announced late this afternoon.  Evil.  Pure unadulterated evil.  There are absolutely no words for this.  The police have stated that there is a predator on the loose in the community.  This is not supposed to happen.  Stranger abductions and these horrific crimes are statistically incredibly rare.  But when something like this happens in your community, reality comes rushing in like a tornado.  There is something profoundly horrifying about a crime, against a child, on an ordinary friday morning in broad daylight.  In the three block span this girl walked alone.

The world is a little darker tonight.  Kyrie Eleison, Christe Eleison.  Pray for Jessica's family, our community, and all the brokenness in the world.

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