Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Silent Retreat

A. Hanson
Minneapolis, MN 2010
Today I am embarking on a two-day, self-led silent retreat.  It will be at the Loretto Spirituality Center in Littleton.  This is my fourth silent retreat, although it will be the first one that has not been directed by someone else.  I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow morning and spiritual direction scheduled for the afternoon, otherwise, I just plan on attempting to empty my brain, relax, and make space for God.

This has been a really long and really tough year, especially since January.  Seminary is all about deconstructing and re-examining and looking at long-held beliefs and assumptions.  Next week I begin my chaplaincy internship, and I knew that I needed to take some time to take care of myself before I can even attempt to take care of other people and be fully present with them.  I have learned with my previous silent retreats that it is best to not come with any expectations or goals.  I am just going to show up and experience all that I can and relax.

I pray that for everyone. That you might find space for personal reflection, the grace and love of God, and a little bit of relaxation.

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