Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clinical Pastoral Education

In one week I start Clinical Pastoral Education at a level I trauma center here in the Denver metro area.  There are only three level I trauma centers in Colorado, and the most seriously ill and injured patients come to these hospitals.  In other words, there is going to be quite a lot of need for chaplains there.  CPE is probably the most grueling requirement of the candidate for rostered ministry.  But probably also the most important.  CPE is a chaplain internship, but it also provides a catalyst for doing the deep internal emotional work that is necessary to be a pastor.  You spend time with patients every day, but also spend a substantial amount of time processing the experience with your peers and supervisor.  There is also writing and reading among other things.  So in other words, it is a lot like school, just more intense.

I stumbled onto the blog linked below on Twitter today.  I think it is pretty useful.

Tips for Surviving Summer CPE

 I will post about my CPE experiences this summer and how that figures into my formation for ministry.  In the meantime, prayers for me, my CPE cohort, and the hospital would be much appreciated.    

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