Monday, March 07, 2011

Creative Cooking

Every once in awhile I get exceptionally creative with my cooking.  I dislike rules, so naturally, recipes are not my thing.  I view them as mere guidelines, and mix things up at will.  

My creative cooking has led to some major disasters over the years (the angel food cake explosion, alfredo sauce made from soy milk and served with canned salmon, the liquified cookies, among others.)  But in the last few years, my cooking has actually gotten GOOD.  Tonight I got creative for dinner and made sweet potato pancakes with curry applesauce.  I didn't have plain yogurt, but normally I would eat that with the pancakes too.

Of course I did not actually measure anything, but here are the steps for making the pancakes.

1. Grate two medium sweet potatoes on a cheese grater.
2. Dice one half of a medium yellow onion and mix in with sweet potatoes.
3. Add one or two eggs, enough to make the mixture stick together.
4. Add black pepper and salt.  As much as you want.
5. Add a generous amount of ginger, garlic and curry powder.

Scoop a small amount of the mixture into a large saucepan with olive oil and flatten slightly.  Fry on medium heat until they are golden brown, flipping halfway through to cook both sides.

To make curry applesauce, use plain, unsweetened applesauce with garlic and curry powder mixed in.

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