Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Days after surgery

Compared to how I have felt since last night and into today, the day of the surgery was a picnic. My eyes are burning so much that I can hardly keep them open. Even the glow from my phone is hard to bear. I could actually use the vicodin, but I am refusing to fill it because of the side effects. I am still taking the Acular and Zymar, but I added a steroid, Pred Forte, a pupil constricting drop and a strong anesthetic drop. I have been using the strong anesthetic drop frequently. The only way I am comfortable is to keep my eyes covered, blocking out all the light, and ice them. I have some audio books, but because of the neurontin, I fall asleep as soon as I lay down, so I actually have no idea what the books are about.

At the post op, the doctor said that my eyes are healing well, but that it will get worse for a day or two more before it gets better. My vision swims in and out of clarity, and I cannot focus on anything close-up. Looking at this computer is like plasma rays burning my eyes, even with the sunglasses, so I need to go back to sleep now.

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