Saturday, February 03, 2007

in the minority

Last week I went to a fundraiser for an agency here in Denver that teaches English as a Second Language to immigrants. This agency tries to keep a low profile, which is why I am not mentioning it by name. Anyway, I went with my roommate Karla and our friends Thane, Erin and Linnea. We were five of approximately 15 white people at an event with over 250 people! It was so unique and informative to be a part of an event where for once, Latino people are the majority and Spanish is the norm. I could hardly understand a word of what was being said around me, and I had no idea what I was eating, but I loved every minute of it. And I discovered my new favorite beverage, Orchata, which is sweet rice milk with cinnamon and nutmeg.
It was interesting to feel how so many other people feel everyday...

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