Thursday, September 08, 2005


I have been working full time for about a week now. So far it has just been alot of training and meetings. I am rapidly learning more stuff about computer programs than I ever thought possible. I will be responsible for managing several large databases. Interestingly enough, I will also have to participate in the other side of working at a non-profit: the public appearances. Already in the next month I have two cocktail galas to attend. It seems so strange to be volunteering ( I am literally a part of the working poor that I serve) and yet also attending very formal events. Good thing that I packed a black cocktail dress as an afterthought!
I also work part time in direct service, where I do some intakes and provide direct care to clients. We do a little case management, and it can be very overwhelming. The hard lives and the stress level that some of our clients have can really make them disagreeable people. I just try to be empathetic and positive and try to meet their requests (and demands). I really like my job!

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