Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sabbath Coffee Tour: Canteen (Minneapolis)

For today's stop on the sabbath coffee tour, I visited Canteen in  the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. This neighborhood coffee bar serves coffees from Kickapoo, based in Wisconsin.  

I had a pour-over made with the Colombia origin roast from the Fondo Paez cooperative.  This roast is medium and is a bit tart and sweet, like a cherry.  I had my coffee with a little bit of  cream. No sugar necessary.

Canteen is set on a residential street corner, with a small parking lot in the back.  There are plenty of tables and a coffee bar. On weekends there is a toast bar, with lots of homemade nut butters and jams, made by the owner Liz.

I visited on a weekday morning, and the space was pleasant and quiet for working. There is free wi-fi and there are plenty of outlets.  In addition to toast, there is a menu of smaller pastries and yogurts available. The decor is an old camp style, with wood and pine accents, and there are picnic tables outside.

The owner, Liz, warmly welcomed me into the shop and answered all of my questions about their roasts. This is clearly a neighborhood coffee shop, as Liz knows all of her customers names.

I really enjoyed this stop on my coffee tour.  What a wonderful day to spend a snowy morning!

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