Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sabbath Coffee Tour: Part II, Pablo's Coffee (6th and Washington)

Pablo's Coffee is a Denver institution, and has two locations as well as a roaster. Coffee is roasted at a small facility at 7th and Lipan, and coffee is served at the original location at 6th and Washington, and at a newer location at 13th and Pennsylvania.  Their coffee is served by a variety of Denver metro area coffee shops and restaurants.

Today I am meeting a friend for a mid-morning coffee break.  My standard drink for this coffee tour is a medium sized dark roast with room for cream.  The dark roast of the day is "Breakfast Blend" which is described as "milk chocolate, raisins, and roasted peanuts."  I do not particularly taste these notes, but the coffee is hot and fresh and smooth. I fix it up with two packets of sugar in the raw and soy milk. I also order a slice of gluten free coffee cake.

This coffee shop is crowded and crammed full with small round tables and chairs. Sitting on either the front or side patio provides for more comfortable seating. This coffee shop can get really crowded and loud, as there is really only one large space which includes the coffee bar. There also seems to be very loud music playing much of the time, which I do not particularly care for. One thing that I really love about Pablo's is that there is no wi-fi available.  This means that there are not people camped out at tables for hours on end and the space is more conducive to conversation.  This is an intentional way to build community (What's the deal with the wi-fi?) and it works.

In terms of parking, this coffee shop has street parking available as well as a very small lot with about 8 spots.  It is generally easiest to park along Washington, as 6th Avenue is quite busy.

Overall: Pablo's is part of my rotation of regular coffee shops, the place where I end up when I want to have coffee and conversation with friends.  Their Danger Monkey roast is my favorite. Baristas are generally friendly, although they sometimes seem to be more interested in talking with one another than with taking orders. Solid coffee, decent pastries (including vegan and gluten free!), and a space dedicated to community and conversation.

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