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Highlighting the Bible: Part III, Year C (Luke 2013) Gospel Readings

A.Hanson, Minnesota 2014
For the next portion of this project I decided to highlight the parts of the Luke's Gospel that appear in Year C of the Revised Common Lectionary.  Because the Gospel of Luke is the longest Gospel, we are unable to read large portions of it as part of the lectionary.  It appears that the lectionary powers-that-be have elected to exclude large portions of text that are healings, portions of text that are repetitive (such as Jesus foretelling his own death multiple times) or commentary by the writer of Luke's Gospel.

This lectionary year incorporates more readings from the Gospel of John, which will follow in its own blog post.

The following pericopes do not appear in Luke's portion of the lectionary:

Luke 1:1-38 (Dedication to theophilus, the birth of John the Baptist foretold, The birth of Jesus foretold).

Luke 1:46-80 (Mary's Song of praise, The Birth of John the Baptist, Zechariah's Prophecy)

Luke 2:21 (Jesus is named)

Luke 2: 39-40 (The Return to Nazareth)

Luke 3:23-37 (The Ancestors of Jesus)

Luke 4:31-44 (The Man with the unclean spirit, healings at Simon's house, Jesus preaches in the synagogues)

Luke 5 (Jesus calls the first disciples, Jesus cleanses a leper, Jesus heals a paralytic, Jesus calls Levi, The Question about Fasting)

Luke 6: 1-18 (The question about the Sabbath, The Man with a withered hand, Jesus chooses the 12 apostles, Jesus teaches and heals)

Luke 6:32-49 (Judging Others, A tree and its fruit, The two foundations)

Luke 7: 18-35 (Messengers from John the Baptist)

Luke 8:4-25 (Parable of the sower, Purpose of the Parables, Parable of the Sower explained, A lamp under a jar, the true kindred of Jesus, Jesus calls a storm)

Luke 8:40-56 (A girl restored to life, a woman healed)

Luke 9:1-27 (The mission of the 12, Herod's perplexity, Feeding the 5,000, Peter's declaration about Jesus, Jesus foretells his death and resurrection)

Luke 9:37-50 (Jesus heals a boy with a demon, Jesus again foretells his death, True greatness, Another Exorcist)

Luke 10:13-15 (Woes to unrepentant cities)

Luke 10:21-23 (Jesus Rejoices)

Luke 11:14-53 (Jesus and Beelzebul, Return of the unclean spirit, True blessedness, The sign of Jonah, The Light of the Body, Jesus denounces Pharisees and Lawyers)

Luke 12:9-12 ("anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven")

Luke 12:22-31 (Do not Worry)

Luke 12:41-48 (the Faithful or the Unfaithful slave)

Luke 12:57-59 (Settling with your opponent)

Luke 13:18-30 (The parable of the mustard seed, the parable of the yeast, the narrow door)

Luke 14:2-6 (Jesus heals a man with dropsy)

Luke 14:15-24 (Parable of the Great Dinner)

Luke 14:34-25 (About Salt)

Luke 16:14-31 (The Law and the Kingdom of God, The Rich Man and Lazarus)

Luke 17:1-4 (Sayings of Jesus)

Luke 17:20-37 (The Coming of the Kingdom)

Luke 18:15-43 (Jesus blesses little children, The rich Ruler, A third time Jesus foretells his death, Jesus heals a blind beggar)

Luke 19:11-48 (The parable of the 10 Pounds, Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Jesus weeps over Jerusalem, Jesus cleanses the temple)

Luke 20:1-26 (The Authority of Jesus questioned, the parable of the wicked tenants, the question about paying taxes)

Luke 20:41-47 (The question about David's son, Jesus denounces the scribes)

Luke 21:1-4 (The widow's offering)

Luke 21:20-24 (The destruction of Jerusalem foretold)

Luke 21:37-38 (comment about the activity of Jesus)

Luke 22:1-13 (The plot to kill Jesus, the preparation of the Passover)

Luke 24:36-43 (Jesus appears to his disciples)

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