Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer Project: highlighting the revised common lectionary, part I

Inspired by a project that my friend Cara completed the summer after she graduated from seminary, I have decided to take an older Bible (from my freshman year religion class at College) and highlight all the passages that appear in the 3 year lectionary cycle.

Then I will make a note of what passages DO NOT appear in the lectionary.

What might we be missing?

By way of a basic primer, the revised common lectionary appears in a 3 year cycle. Year A (which is what we are currently in) has passages mostly from Matthew's Gospel.  Year B has passages mostly from Mark's Gospel.  Year C has passages from Luke's Gospel.  Readings from John's Gospel appear during the season of Easter and at other random times throughout the three year cycle.

There is another lectionary that is gaining some traction among clergy-types, it is called the Narrative Lectionary.  It comes out of Luther Seminary, and is intended to boost biblical literacy and tell more of the biblical story.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both lectionaries.  Perhaps I will explore the narrative lectionary at another date.

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