Sunday, April 13, 2014

Prayer Series Part IV: Kinesthetic Prayer

When I was a camp counselor up in Montana, one of the things that we introduced to our campers was the idea of moving prayer.  Some people struggle with prayer because of needing to sit still or kneel or keep your eyes closed.  Sometimes you fall asleep (this is my problem) or your mind wanders.  I think that somewhere along the line we were taught that it is wrong to be anything less than little pious statues while praying.

One of my favorite ways to pray is by walking.  It clears my brain and opens it to hearing God. But you can pray in different positions, like laying on your back in the grass or facedown in a pile of pillows or on your side on the beach.

You can get up and pray and move around at the same time.  Or you can be silent while moving.  But getting deeper into your body while moving and praying is a different way to encounter the divine.

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