Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good Friday

Credit Amy Clifford 

Good Friday is one of the most devastating liturgies of the liturgical year. We do not have communion because it is the liturgy in which Christ is not present.  Christ was crucified and descended to the dead.  We sang Psalm 22.  The Passion according to John (John 18:1-19:42) was chanted.  The Bidding Prayers (seven petitions) we said.  There was a procession and adoration of the cross in which we laid purple tulips upon the corpus.  The solemn reproaches were sung and the assembly professed through the stations of the cross which were created by members of the congregation.  We departed in silence.

At the end of the liturgy we drove together to a site where there had been a shooting (this year it was where a mother had killed herself and two of her children) and laid the tulips and said a prayer.  The picture below is me laying my tulip.

Credi Amy Clifford

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