Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm not really a feminist

I am not really a feminist any more.  In College, when I was working on my gender studies program, I became kind of an obnoxious feminist.  To the point where I would shut down any man who attempted to  have a conversation about women's issues.  I remember getting into a bit of an argument with a guy that I worked with at camp about my t-shirt that said, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like."  I was really, really difficult to deal with and be around.  In some ways, I was shooting myself in the foot with my militant feminism.  I guess I kind of grew out of that and realized that is was profoundly unhelpful when attempting to engage in conversation with other human beings who don't happen to populate gender studies programs.    I do not want to be marginalized on the basis of my gender, but I also do not want to be offered opportunities for advancement solely based on my gender.  I would rather be recognized for my gifts and what I have to offer.

However, now as I am preparing for ordained ministry a few years down the road, the issue of what women can/should/might do in the church has come up over the last couple months.  There is a TON of vitriol about how women should not be ordained pastors.  I am blessed to be a part of a denomination that values the contributions of women in ministry and has been ordaining women for 42 years.  But there are some subtle and not-so-subtle obstacles for women who are called to be pastors.  I am not demanding that everyone listen to militant feminism but rather, that we can all meet in the middle and have a conversation.  I do not want to be defined as "the lady pastor" I want to serve and use my gifts and best support and lead my congregation in whatever way I can.  I am just interested in supporting people on their journey of faith and using my life to point to Christ.

So I am not a feminist and I will likely never march for women's rights and frankly just not interested in solidarity and girl power and all that jazz.  I am just someone who wants  to do what I am called to do and if I am shutting down people because they do not agree with me or are not sufficiently liberal or feminist or progressive, I just can't do that.

That being wild and rampant snarkiness has gotten me into trouble before, so hopefully this will not be taken the wrong way.  But it is pretty funny and completely a joke.
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Why Men Shouldn't be Ordained

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