Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grandma Amy, I miss you

The final project!
Every once in a while, something takes me aback and makes me miss Grandma Amy all over again.  Grandma Amy taught me how to sew, and was one of the most talented seamstresses that I have ever met.  She made my mother's wedding dress, my first prom dress (after all I specified was that I wanted to "look like Cinderella") and several dresses for my sister Katie.  

Yesterday I decided to sew a laptop sleeve for my new MacBook Pro.  I looked at patterns online to figure out the proportions for the sleeve, then went to JoAnn's to get crafty.  As I meandered through the aisles of fabric and picked up all the necessary things, it made me miss Grandma Amy.  I feel very blessed that I was able to learn as much from her as I could, but really wish that she was still around to call when I have questions about my sewing projects.  Or furthermore, to just call when I want to talk.  I really wish that she was still with us.  The world is a little lonelier without Amy Rody in it.

I cut the fabric and attached fusible
fleece to the outer layers
After about an hour of getting inspired and being indecisive, I picked out fabrics in a chocolate brown/aqua color scheme.

Then I angled and pinned the zipper and sewed the outer
layers together and inner layers together.

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