Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Five Photo Challenge

Post a picture of your favorite memory. 

So, this is representative of my favorite memory, because I don't have an actual photo of the event. 

To preface, signs marking city limits in Europe have the name of the city as you enter, and as you exit, the name of the city crossed out. 

In 2007, I traveled around Austria, Germany and Slovakia with my friend Kaija.  During our time in Salzburg, we booked beds at a penzion at the edge of city limits.  Instead of figuring out the train schedule, and following the directions from the train station up the hill to the penzion, we thought it would be a great idea to walk.  And walk. And walk.  With our full backpacks, after having taken a 5 hour train ride from Bratislava. 

We actually walked outside of Salzburg city limits, (reference photo above), and kept walking.  All told, I believe we walked about 10km.  We ended up inside a Mexican (yes, Mexican) restaurant late at night and asked them to call a taxi.  This little excursion caused blisters that lasted the rest of the trip. 

But in retrospect, it was pretty funny.  And makes for a good story. 

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