Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another edition of things that are ridiculous and in the news

1. The Royal Wedding:  Who cares?  Honestly.  We have MUCH bigger things to be worried about than an over-extravagent event between two people across the pond.  On one of my favorite blogs, Regretsy, there has been a running chronicle of all of the bizarre handcrafts people have made to commemorate the big event.  And just yesterday on the news, I learned that some really strange individual decided to tattoo (yes, tattoo) a picture of the royal couple on his teeth.  Now I am not sure what the logistics of tattooing on one's teeth are, but I am not sure I want to find out.  This man will perpetually have people telling him there is something stuck in his teeth, and unfortunately, it cannot be removed with dental floss. 

2. The "Birther" Controversy:  Give it a rest Tea Party.  You were proven wrong this week when Obama finally revealed his long form birth certificate that proves indeed, Obama was born in Hawaii.  Except, apparently some crazies in Colorado who now want him to release his school records and passport.  And crowing from the sidelines is Donald Trump, who brings me to my next point...

3. Donald Trump on the campaign trail for 2012:  The real estate magnate with bad fake hair has usurped Sarah Palin as my "political" figure mockery of choice. 

Trump has been trumpeting his own horn about getting Obama to release his birth certificate, Trump says:
"Today I am really proud that I managed to accomplish something that no one else has managed to accomplish."  And the rest of the world goes on...  Trump has actually never accomplished much of anything, unless you count a gross sense of self-importance, a reality television show with D-listers and quite a few unfinished real estate projects.  Lord have mercy. 

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