Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Another edition of things that are silly and in the news

1. Wildlife management at its finest:
Country music used to deter unwelcome bear

I run away from country music too. 

2. Lost pet found after one month:
Lost snake found after one month on subway

My favorite quote is the owner saying she will be more careful when bringing her snake out in public in th future. 

Or how about not bringing it out at all?  I can say that one of my worst nightmares would be encountering an unaccompanied boa constrictor on my commuter train.   

3. Another example of Christian love exemplified:
Mom says Church threatened to kick her out over gay blog post

I am with this mom 100%.  If her son wants to wear a dress, and it makes him happy, let him live it up!  Aren't there bigger things to worry about?  Her son chose to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween and she chose to support him in that.  Her church barred her from communion and threatened to kick her out unless she took down her blog post.  Seriously, shouldn't we be worried about fighting AIDS or hunger or something? 

4. Latest wrinkle in the healthcare debate
GOP at it again...
Abortion funding for rape victims

I have been pretty outspoken in my criticism of the anti-choice lobby.  I don't agree with a lot of what they argue, but I can at least respect where they are coming from,  however this latest wrinkle in the healthcare debate is a new low.  The first link describes the proposed legislation, and the second is a video satire from The Daily Show. 

5. And what post with my commentary on the news would be complete without something about Sarah Palin?
Denver group cancels Sarah Palin appearance because of unspecified "security concerns"

Dear Sarah Palin, please don't ever go away. 

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