Monday, May 24, 2010

Amy's commentary on things that are silly and currently in the media...

1. Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is number one on my list of silly things.  I think she is silly because of the numerous faux pas, mistakes and the fact that she is a dead ringer for Tina Fey.  I find her inflammatory, accusatory and ignorant rhetoric less funny.  However, I do find the fact that this D-List celebrity has captured the hearts and minds of too many misguided individuals quite amusing.  Also, that she resigned in the middle of her term as governor and that her endorsement of GOP candidates means something to some people.  That silly Tea Party! 

Some recent fun Palin news:

"Sarah Palin electrifies NRA Convention" (direct quote..."Obama will 'gut' the Second Amendment")

"Sarah Palin joins the Fox News Team" (direct quote..."It's so wonderful to be a part of a place that so values fair and balanced news")  If Fox News is fair and balanced, I am a magic fairy!

"Sarah Palin teams up with Discovery"  I cannot wait to see her reality show!  And she claims that other people exploit her family...

2. Lindsay Lohan
 Why is there such a fascination with skewering this poor misguided individual in the media?  I actually feel bad for her, despite the fact that the choices she made put her in this position.  Give it up Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight! 

3. Lost
Have you ever actually watched this show?  It is the most messed up, confusing and just plain ridiculous thing I ever wasted one hour of my life watching.  I wish I could have that hour back.  As far as the oft-touted series finale, good riddance! 

4. Strange Fashion

 I am pretty sure I will never understand (much less wear) harem pants, rompers, anything fishnet and visible underwear as a style statement.  Yikes! 

5. The trend of blaming Obama for everything
The economy...blame Obama.

The oil spill...why that's Obama too!

Unrest between Israel and to be Obama.

 North Korea and South Korea on the brink of destroying each other...Obama!

The collapse of Wall guessed it...Obama.

The housing crisis and health insurance crisis...I got it, Hillary Clinton!...Nope, Obama again!

As for me, my car broke down last week, I have a blister on my toe, my garbage disposal is not working, I have a headache and my neighbor's TV is too loud.  I guess I need to blame someone...maybe Sarah Palin?  


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Katie said...

I like this post...these things are very silly. Made me lol! Another silly thing...acronyms.