Friday, January 08, 2010

Eye Surgery, Round Two

I mentioned back in December that there was the possibility that I would need to have additional surgery on my left eye.  Well, that possibility has been realized, and the surgery is scheduled for February 11th.  But this time around, it is just the left eye and for better or worse, I know what is coming.  However, this time around, my dear friend Becca will be in town to help.  That alone is going to make this process much easier!

Dr. A says I am an interesting case because my right eye healed incredibly quickly.  Within just a month after surgery, vision in that eye was 20/20.  However, the left eye is still 20/60, and has remained that way since one month after the surgery.  Evidently it is rare to have one eye heal so quickly, and the other one lag so far behind.  I knew that the astigmatism was much worse in that eye, and this was a possibility.  Before healing begins, it is difficult to tell how the eye will react.  Because astigmatism is an abnormal curvature of the cornea, and PRK modifies the surface of the cornea, the laser can only correct so much in one session.  However, now that a portion of the cornea has already been modified (or abraded or cauterized, pick your verb), the remaining abnormalities can be corrected.

On the upside, my eyes are not nearly as dry or irritated as they were even a month ago.  Believe it or not, I am still happy I did this.  Ask me that three days after the surgery and I may give you a different answer, but in the long term I am thankful.  I don't get headaches from taking glasses off and on, I can still see at the end of the day because I no longer have painfully dry contacts.

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Joseph Bergantine said...

good luck and sorry all at once :)