Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Four weeks after PRK surgery

It has been nearly four weeks since I had my PRK surgery. So far, things are moving right along on schedule. I am still using three different types of eye drops, Pred Forte (steroid), Xibrom (NSAID) and Restasis (for dryness). I need to be really careful to keep the eyes moisturized for the exact reason that I experienced this weekend. When the surface of the eye dries out, it adheres to the eyelid. Then when you blink, it tears away and causes an abrasion. In other words, a sharp pain that takes your breath away! It actually woke me up. The eye doctor could still see that abrasion today, and I really need to be more careful about using the drops.

My right eye is now corrected nearly to 20/20 and continues to improve. The left eye, not so much. Prior to the surgery, that eye had a much higher degree of astigmatism. I knew that it might be more difficult to fix. It is still at about 20/55 but the reason that I am able to see while reading and driving is that the right eye is doing so well.

We are going to reevaluate it in a month, but there is a chance that they might have to go into the left eye again to fix the astigmatism. If the left eye has not improved, it will be necessary. At this point, it is about a 50/50 chance that I will need additional surgery. For the first year after surgery, subsequent "touch up" visits are included. Most people do not need them, but the option is there. In the meantime, to help that eye along, they are making "Post-PRK glasses" for me to use while driving because that is really my biggest issue. I will use my old frames with new lenses. The right lens will be uncorrected and the left will have the current prescription. All in the process of healing, I guess. PRK is not insignificant surgery. It is a much more involved procedure and recovery than I imagined.

However, I am still SO HAPPY that I had this procedure done. The constant dryness and irritation from contacts is gone and I no longer get headaches from wearing my glasses.

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