Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Job and New Life

Aug. 14th I started a new job in Lakewood, which is a western suburb of Denver. I am the development coordinator for a large non-profit, where I manage the donor database and coordinate special events.  Karla and I live in a small apartment in an older building that we love. We are trying to continue having intentional community, for example, two nights a week we eat together. We share food and just generally try to take care of each other. Also, one night a week we have a guest over for dinner. On friday we had about 30 of our closest friends over for a party!
I have been working on my grad school applications, hopefully to begin next fall. The job that I have right now is not something that I am planning to make a career of. It is good experience and pays me decently, but I am not truly happy without working directly with people in need. Several times a day I have to wander out of my office to reconnect with what I am actually raising money for.
Also, one of my good friends from the Ogden house last year, Sara, is living in the Philippines doing another lutheran volunteer program. I am hoping to visit her there this year.

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