Tuesday, July 25, 2006

my friend Jon

Last week I found out that my friend Jon, with whom I graduated College, disappeared while hiking alone in the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho. He was working at a camp in Idaho, while taking the summer off from his youth ministry job in Utah. His family called off the search on Sunday night. They never did find any trace of him. This is much worse than knowing he is dead, because we know absolutely nothing. There is no closure because even if you rationally know that he is no longer alive, some part of you still hopes that he is. Because you do not know anything for sure.

Update: On July 24, 2007, Jon's remains were found on the rugged face of Grand Mogul in the Sawtooths. He was laid to rest in Minnesota in October 2007. His family has created a foundation to provide wilderness education and support to families searching for loved ones lost in the wilderness. www.jonfrancis.org

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