Sunday, May 07, 2006

My other job

My other job is an on-call weekend manager for the Ronald McDonald House. Basically I spend the night at the house and handle whatever may arise in the night. This was a very quiet weekend. This job is so refreshingly different from my other job. I get exhausted with managing the women at work, but I do not tire of being with the families here. It is nice to just relax and talk with people rather than hand out bus tokens all day long and manage sometimes difficult behavior in a chaotic milieu. Here is a more relaxed environment. Not everything is locked off, I do not have to worry about things being stolen right in front of me. Here, people mostly just want to talk and I am willing to listen. Often, after being with sick children, they are craving adult conversation. They want some semblance of normality. At work, there are just so many people that there is no time to really have a conversation with anyone. I miss that. There is no relationship.

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