Friday, December 02, 2005

Greed knows no season

One of the rather disheartening things happening right now at work is the greed surrounding the holidays. Our clients, and clients throughout the metro area are positively going nuts about getting as much as possible for the holidays. Every single day I get at least 15 phone calls from women wanting holiday assistance. Our organization decided several years ago that we were stopping "hand-outs" and trying to give "hand-ups". However, our clients do not see the rationale. They want presents. As I have mentioned before, I have noticed that homeless and impoverished people will try to amass as much "stuff" as possible, and they do not care what it is, as long as they have some possessions. Well, that drive for possessions is only heightened by the commercialism and spirit of excess surrounding Christmas and the other holidays. I am seeing a very troubling side of our clients, they are greedy and demanding at this time of year. It is enough to make me want absolutely nothing for Christmas.

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